5 Piece Dinette Sets

If you have a small family than there is no need for you to purchase a large dinette set that can seat 8 to 10 people. Unless you plan on hosting large parties. But most people prefer to purchase a dinette set that will seat their family comfortable and bring them close together to allow them to talk and actually see each other.

For these small families we recommend the 5 piece dinette set. These sets are very common among consumers and are available with four chairs and one table. Many people will use them in their dining room, breakfast nook, or they may decide to purchase specially designed outdoor 5 piece dinette sets that can handle the natural environment.

The great thing about these particular dinette sets is that they can be found in a wide range of styles and colors that are sure to match any home. 5 piece dinette sets are some of the more common types of dinette sets and are therefore made to be in higher demand. You can find one that is wood, metal, or wicker dinette sets.

A great tip is to use a wood 5 piece dinette set in your breakfast nook. This allows for a comfortable setting during the breakfast and lunch meals. Also because these are some of the messiest meals you will have an easier time cleaning it off.

In your dining room instead of using wood you could choose something more unique. Try using a 5 piece dinette set that is built with a metal base and a glass top. This creates a more unique atmosphere in the home and is perfect for when you have guests come over. Just make sure that you maintain the look of the glass top. These type of table tops can easily be smudged with fingerprints and other things that are placed on top of it.

You can use a tablecloth to protect it while you are eating and to make cleaning up afterwards easier. However, you will still need to keep up on it throughout the day. Especially when the little ones have been around it!