How To Clean Dinette Sets

Having the right dinette set to use in your home is important because it is what you use to eat dinner as a family and to entertain your friends that come over. There are tons of different types that we can purchase and use in our home. With the right maintenance and upkeep that set can last us for many years and can even be passed down to our children.

Each dinette set is different and therefore requires a different amount of cleaning and products that are used to keep it looking as good as new. The trick is to know the difference between each dinette set and to know what would be best to use for it.

Glass Dinette Sets

Glass dinette sets are great to use in any home and are very unique. These tabled often have metal bases with a large glass table top that helps it to fit into both modern and contemporary homes.

The best thing to use on this is a special glass cleaner. Because it is easy to smudge and leave behind dirt and fingerprints you may want to clean the surface of it every day and sometimes more. The metal base can be cleaned every day with a simple dry cloth to help remove any dust.

Wood Dinette Sets

Wood dinette sets are usually used in the more contemporary and classic homes. The best way to clean these is to use a special wood cleaner. This works better than soap and water because it won’t hurt the wood and it will be able to give it a good shine that allows it to look like new.

Outdoor Dinette Sets

The most common outdoor dinette sets use glass table tops and the bases that they sit on are made to hold up against various weather conditions. Again you can use glass cleaner to wipe it off and keep it clean when you need to use it. However, the best way to keep most of the dirt off of it is to use a patio furniture cover.