How To Fix Wood Dinette Sets

There are times when the dinette sets that we own have become so worn out due to time and age and a lot of usage that it makes it impossible to use. Or maybe there are so many dings and scratches on it that it looks old and not something you want to show off in your home.

Wood dinette sets are great to have – but they are the most vulnerable to these problems. It is possible to simply replace it when these problems occur but this can be expensive. Instead why not try to fix the problem yourself?


  • Sandpaper
  • Wood finish
  • Paint (if necessary)
  • Wood filler

What To Do

  • Move the dinette set into the garage and place it on top of tarp. This will help to prevent any large messes in your home.
  • The first thing you will need to do is identify all of the scratches that are in the table. Once you have found them all you will want to sand them down using the sandpaper you have purchased.
  • Repeat this step with the chairs.
  • Once you have sanded down all of the scratches you will need to fill in the holes using a special wood filler.
  • Repeat this step with the chairs.
  • The next step is to choose a wood finish that would look great in your home and for your table. You can go with something that is light or that is quite dark. Use a small paintbrush and apply it to the table and chairs evenly.
  • Let it dry overnight and determine who well you like it. If you want to get a dramatic look than you can always choose a color and paint it.