Pub Dinette Sets And Stools

When we move into a new home many of us think about all of the furniture that we need in order to fill in each room. Dinette sets are usually used only in dining rooms – but in some cases there are times in which we are able to use them in breakfast nooks and even game rooms.

Having a dinette set in your game room is a good thing because it gives you the ability to enjoy your favorite beer, wine, and soda while playing pool or jamming out to Guitar Hero. When you are trying to find the right type to put into this room you don’t want to use the normal types because they are too big and take up too much space.

Instead you should think about using something different like a pub dinette set and stools. These are smaller tables that usually only hold two to three people although you are able to find some that can fit up to four people. Most of these are high tops like the ones you see in restaurants that are next to the bar. The stools are also high off the ground making them small and easier to stay out of the way to allow for more walking room.

The stools can also be purchased separately and used inside of a kitchen that has a two way bar countertop. These counter tops are set on the edge of the kitchen and open up into the kitchen and also to the living room beside it. Most have enough room to put in bar stools that allow you to enjoy an easy breakfast or even lunch.

You are able to purchase many of these dinette pub and stools are any home store in the style that you want. Most of these are made using wood – but you can also find them with metal bases and glass countertops. They are usually priced between $400 to $900 depending on how large you need them to be.