Wicker Dinette Sets

Wicker dinette sets are not the most commonly used in homes because they can be slightly harder to maintain when compared to other types of dinette sets. These particular dinette sets some with chairs that are made with wicker. The table itself is usually built with a wicker base and a glass tabletop.

While wicker dinette sets may not be used in most dining rooms they are excellent to use on your screened in porch or outside patio. This is because they have an earthly feel to them that blends in well with the world outside. They are quite comfortable for people to sit in – which makes them a great addition to any outdoor dinette set.Rattan Dinette Sets

Rattan Dinette Sets

The most common type of wicker dinette sets are made using Rattan. Rattan dinette sets are actually more fashionable then wicker is. This makes them more versatile to be used indoors and out with no problems. These type of dinette sets can be found in a wide range of style and can be purchased in either light or dark brown colors.

The darker colored Rattan dinette sets are better to use inside the home because they are more elegant and at first glance do not look like wicker. They are usually offered in a larger size and can be used to seat larger families. If you wish to use rattan dinette sets outside you can purchase high top chairs and a small high top table to go with them.

Wicker or rattan dinette sets must be taken care of and maitained properly in order to keep them looking good and in perfect use. It is better to use special covers if you are going to place your Rattan dinette sets on your patio or deck. These covers will protect them from rain, wind, and debris scattering all over it.